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oral hygiene

It is so much easier brushing our own teeth rather than someone else!  When an individual has to rely on a caregiver to brush their teeth, often it is not done as thoroughly due to access and behaviour.  The plaque and food accumulates on the teeth and cavities often form along the gumline.  This decay continues and teeth break off.  This plaque/food is bacteria in the mouth, can be ingested or aspirated into the lungs causing pneumonia.  Plaque induced gingivitis develops which presents as very puffy, red and sore gums.  This can make chewing difficult and painful.
Brushing with Listerine or Crest ProHealth rinse or a prescribed liquid called Chlorohexidine can help improve gum tissues.
We also show care providers how to carry out oral hygiene care competently and comfortably by thorough brushing along the gumline using the correct devices.