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Coping With the Decision to Put Your Parent or Loved One in a Nursing Home

Guilt is one emotion that every family caregiver will experience at some point during their journey. Anxiety and concern are two very normal reactions for a caregiver who is considering making alternative living and care arrangements for an aging parent or a loved one at any age.  

Realize that you didn’t cause your loved one’s illnesses or age-related decline. Understand that professional care is often a necessary next step. Take time to acknowledge and appreciate that you are doing the best you can. If your parent is being well cared for, then let the facility do its job.  Ask the nursing home if a Dental team comes into the home on a regular basis. Your loved one doesn’t have to struggle with oral care. The staff in the home can help with brushing teeth. It is the families responsibility to schedule routine dental cleanings. A mobile Dental Hygienist would be a great asset to add to the circle of healthcare. The Dental Hygienist can examine teeth for cavities and gum disease, perform an oral cancer screening, clean the teeth of plaque and tartar and removed stain. Dental Hygienists can also discuss with the home’s healthcare team on how to brush along the gumline thoroughly.

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