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See how our dental hygiene services consistently highlight Karen’s expertise and care have delivered outstanding results, leaving people with healthier, happier smiles.

I am so grateful for Karen's help with my mom's oral care. She has been providing teeth cleanings for almost two years now. Thanks to her, my mom has been able to maintain her teeth and eat her food without any issues.
I truly believe that my mom's teeth would not be in as good a condition as they are now without Karen's assistance.
November 2022
My elderly aunt, who has dementia, lives in long-term care.
Karen provides exceptional service -
she is professional, friendly, and makes my aunt feel comfortable.
Thank you very much!
Micheal ‌
December 2022
Karen's compassion for my husband with dementia was very comforting. She had a calming and reassuring manner that helped him relax and made him willing to get his teeth cleaned. Despite his reluctance in recent years, Karen did a great job with his cleaning.
January 2023
I am so grateful for Karen's help with my husband's oral and dental health. Despite his advanced dementia and inability to comprehend, she demonstrated a professional approach and was able to maintain his oral hygiene. Karen even applied Silver Diamine Fluoride to his cavities since he is not able to visit a dental office. I am greatly impressed by Karen's dedication and expertise in providing such valuable care.
January 2023 ‌
Roving Dental Hygiene is the best thing that happened to long-term care facilities in Kingston! My mother just loves her appointments with Karen, who often spends a little extra time just visiting … above and beyond her very professional and thorough dental care regime. As my mother's P.O.A; I highly recommend this service. It has given me peace of mind to know my mother's teeth are properly cleaned, scaled and coated with protective sealants and I said before, my mom just loves her! Thank you, Karen, you are a valuable member of my mom's care team!
February 2023 ‌
We want to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful dental care service we received today. Our mom, who has dementia and uses a wheelchair, needed dental care, and we were worried about the process. However, the service we received was top-notch and professional, with a kind and friendly touch.
Our mom was very happy afterward, and we are relieved that there are mobile dental services available to help her.
We cannot thank you enough for your exceptional service. Thanks again!!
April 2023 ‌
Karen looks after my Dad’s dental needs. He has Dementia and lives in a Care Facility. She is wonderful with him and he’s always happy with her! I would recommend her to everyone!
April 2023 ‌
My wife lived in a long-term care home in Napanee for several years. Karen from Roving Dental Hygiene saw her 5 times in the past year until she passed away. My wife had many cavities and her gums were bleeding a lot. Karen put on a medicine on the cavities that made her teeth feel better and her gums stopped bleeding as well. I was really worried because I was not able to take my wife to a dental office. Karen was able to get my wife out of pain and feel comfortable. She started to gain some weight back because she could eat again. Thank you so much for all your help and our chats along the way.
July 2023 ‌

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