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Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)

Getting your teeth cleaned removes the soft plaque and tartar which is a hard buildup that you can not removed with your toothbrush. Having tartar on your teeth creates an infection-causing bacteria which can can easily grow, causing gum disease that is linked with serious oral problems as well as heart disease, stroke and many other systemic issues in our body.

Scaling is critical to prevent gum disease, improve your whole-body health, and keep your teeth looking their best. It’s also a great opportunity for your Hygienist to detect early signs of problems.

The objective of scaling and root planning is to remove the hard irritants and aggressive bacteria which cause inflammation to the gingival (gum) tissue and if left can manifest as periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease or “bone-loss” is the loss of supporting attachment around the teeth and is irreversible.

If scaling is not performed your oral health is at risk.

A cleaning can help with bad breath, which could also be a sign of other health related concerns if periodontal problems are subtle to a person, until the condition is severe. This increases risks for acute infection, tooth loss or pain. Early detection and prevention is of utmost importance.


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