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Lack of Dental Care in Long-Term Care Homes


Seniors face a number of health challenges as they age. Oral health is one that often gets overlooked, but it can be especially dangerous when left untreated. Almost 80 percent of seniors in long-term care homes suffer from periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss or even death. Fortunately, there are ways to protect and maintain good oral health as you age—even if you live in a facility with limited access to dental services.

Seniors who have difficulty getting to a dentist

If you’re a senior with difficulty getting to a dentist, it’s crucial to understand how to find a dental professional who can come to the home.

● Ask the long-term care home if they have a dental professional who comes into the
● Ask your local health authority or doctor if they know of dentists/dental hygienists willing
to see patients in their homes.
● Contact your provincial dental association and ask them for recommendations for dental
professionals visiting seniors’ residences.
● Ask friends and family members if they have suggestions for dental professionals who provide home visits.

Seniors who are frail and not able to handle the stress of a dental appointment

Seniors who have difficulty getting to a dentist or cannot afford dental care, even if it’s free at public clinics or hospitals. And finally, caregivers who have difficulty finding time for dental appointments because they’re too busy taking care of their loved ones–and their own health needs, get neglected as well.

Mobile dental hygienist services can help seniors maintain good oral health.

If you’re a senior living in a long-term care facility and are concerned about your oral health, you’re not alone. Many seniors who have difficulty getting to the dentist or are frail may be unable to handle the stress of a dental appointment.

Mobile dental hygiene services can help address this issue by providing routine checkups and cleanings at home or in the facility. Karen at Roving Dental Hygiene uses simple equipment to perform these procedures efficiently with minimal patient discomfort. In addition, they can also educate residents or the PSWs on proper brushing techniques so they can maintain good oral health on their own after leaving their appointments!


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new. We know how important it is to maintain good oral health, so we want everyone to be able to access affordable dental care. You can learn more about our mobile dental hygienist services by visiting our website or calling us today!

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