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Infection Control 

The Scican Hydrim instrument washer and Scican Statclave sterilizer is tested for effectiveness on a daily basis. A dry block incubator is used daily to test for negative spore growth which ensures that the sterilizer is working properly. The instruments are placed in wrapped cassettes with sterilization integrity indicators and transported in a container to protect the sterility of the instruments until they are opened at the time your treatment begins. After use, the contaminated instruments are placed in a lock lid container with a biohazard label for transportation back for sterilization.


Your safety is paramount at Roving Dental Hygiene. Strict protocols are followed for the sterilization and the transportation for the mobile dental practice. As a mobile hygienist, infection control remains standard regardless of the location. Following all measures is critical and I can assure you that all guidelines are followed with accordance from Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) principles which helps guide public health units (PHUs) and regulatory colleges in conducting inspections/assessments/investigations related to IPAC practices.

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